Effective Alternatives To Shouting

Less Shouting, More Laughing 

This workshop provides you with an opportunity to reflect on what is going well with your parenting and the changes you want to make. During the workshop you will explore the strategies you currently use and have time to learn new tools that will equip you to deal with those times when you feel you are frustrated and overwhelmed as a parent.

The focus of the workshop is to recognise your own behaviour, when your child is having a tantrum, refusing to follow your instructions and committing to acting your age -not your child’s. This will enable you to replace any powerful negative feelings you have about yourself as a parent with powerful positive feelings, resulting in less shouting and more laughing.

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to answer the following questions:

  • What does your child do to press your buttons?
  • What could you do before you snap?
  • Why do you act so out of control?
  • What can you do to manage the feelings of guilt when you have had an outburst?
  • How can we focus on bringing about positive changes in our parenting?

Other issues that will be explored during the workshop:

  • Lack of confidence, anger, guilt, regret have power over you, you have the power to change that.
  • Effective strategies that will result in less shouting and more laughing.
  • Being confident about your own parenting, what is working well.
  • Overthinking what others think about your parenting skills.

The workshop will be interactive, practical and give parents an opportunity to use a variety of tools that they can take away, to enable them to be the parents they want to be and make the necessary changes within their own unique families. As a result families will experience less shouting and more laughing.

Imagine that after spending just 90 minutes in this workshop, you would be able to make the changes needed to have a fun and happier times with your unique family.

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